About Us

About Us


About TenderCreek Outdoors LLC

TenderCreek provides premium gear designed for long hours outdoors. Whether you’re on the water or getting busy on shore, TenderCreek will keep you comfortable for those long days. From our UV50+ long sleeves featuring breathable and quick dry fabrics to our Tri-blend lightweight T-shirts – We’re confident that you’ll be ready to catch the big ones! Always remember to stay “Wild At Heart”!

How It All Happened

TenderCreek started with two young boys that had an itch to fish, a drive to hunt, and an undying love for the great outdoors. Whether it was below 0 or above 100, we were out hiking, exploring, fishing, and teaching others about the wildlife that surrounded us. So, “Wild At Heart” was born. We were addicted to the lifestyle, but we both had a common issue – No matter how many brands we bought, we were never comfortable throughout the day. We took all the features we loved about each piece of clothing we had and combined them together to make a fabric that will get you through even the hottest of days.



What Clients Say

These shirts rock! Great feeling light material and awesome graphics.


The fabric is super soft and breathable. Can't say enough good things about this brand! Great shirt!


The Tendercreek Tee is simply the best fitting shirt I currently own. I typically wear large but their medium fits me perfectly. Hugs my arms and chest while leaving room around my torso. High quality, durable, and breathable material which is great for outdoor activities. Very soft as well.


I love the blend of materials they've selected for their pullovers. The fit is comfortable and moisture-wicking but not too restrictive.


I love Tendercreek's custom proprietary blend. The shirts themselves wick sweat like none other. I can sweat all day skating or spending time outdoors. Highly recommended!



TenderCreek is dedicated to teaching wildlife lovers about the importance of preservation and conservation. We love going to local schools, bringing in animals, and giving the youth one on one experiences they won’t forget. It’s always fun to lighten up a classroom, but even more exciting to leave knowing that someone has a greater appreciation for wildlife.


Join The Team! Send Inquires to and see if you have what it takes to be a TenderCreek member!

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